Monday, March 28, 2011

In Memory of Savanna Dawn Bogue!!! Happy First Birthday Sweet Angel!!!

Today we are honoring Savanna on her first birthday. Savanna went to be with Jesus at 7 1/2 months old and we are celebrating her today!!! I have been very touched by Savanna and a few other babies whose moms' blogs I follow. Today I wanted to let Tabatha know what Savanna means to me and my family now. I sat my little boy Landon down this morning and told him that we were going to send a Balloon to Heaven so Savanna could get it. I told him that Savanna was with Jesus and she was having the best Birthday party ever. He said with Jesus mommy? I said yeah baby, Jesus loves us and he takes care of us and we are supposed to love him back. Through Tabatha's, Savanna's mom, story I have grown to love Savanna. I feel like I have known her all of her life. Thank you Tabatha for sharing Savanna with us. She has helped me become a better mommy and you have showed me that we need to cherish every single moment that we have with our babies. We are not promised tomorrow. (The good thing is: we know who holds tomorrow and He holds our hand.) Savanna was a beautiful little girl with a smile that would take your breath away. Just looking at her smile, makes me smile. You can see pictures of her on Tabatha's blog: Savanna's Wings- When we went out to release the balloon for Savanna, we all said Happy Birthday Savanna and Landon started running after the balloon and was yelling Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!! Landon was so excited about sending a balloon to Savanna and about drawing her a picture. He was ready to go outside as soon as I told him. Below are a few pictures I wanted to share with everyone of our special moment with Savanna.

Savanna's Balloon

                                                  Landon getting ready to let the balloon go!!!

                                                                Running after the balloon!!!

                     Maddox trying to figure out what we were doing because we took the balloon away from him

 Happy Birthday Sweet Angel!!! Can't wait till we all get to celebrate it with you in Heaven. I know Maddie and Macie are celebrating with you!!!
                                                               Still watching the balloon!!!

                              Landon blew bubbles for Savanna too. He thought is was fun to run after them.

                                                     Landon's picture he made for Savanna!!!

After we got finished outside and went back into the house, I asked Landon whose birthday it was and he said Savanna. So then I asked why did we send the balloon to her in Heaven and he then asked... She's not home? I said no baby she is in Heaven. How do you explain to a 2 year old why Savanna isn't at home with her family celebrating her birthday? I didn't know what to say. I just told him that she was with Jesus and some more of her Angel friends. If you are reading this post today, please take a few minutes out of your day and say a prayer for Tabatha, Justin, and their family. Today is a hard day for them and they really need to be lifted up. I know we shouldn't cry when our babies or loved ones go to Heaven because they are in a better place but you still miss them, long for them, want to touch them, smell their baby scent or perfume, you just want them in your arms so bad. I know that they say that God needed them more but it still hurts. Praying for you Tabatha!!! You are in my thoughts today. Again I want to say  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNA!!! You have blessed my family more than you will ever know.



How sweet you are to remember her bday! Tbat means so much to us moms with babies in heaven!!


So sweet! I love the innocence of children. I think explaining these things to them helps us understand a little better.

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