Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Memory of Maddie (An Angel Who Has Opened My Eyes)

I can remember last month when I first read the story about Maddie. The way I found Kellie's blog was through a friend because she was attending (Wear A Bow, In Honor Of Maddie). This caught my eye so I decided to click on Kellie's blog and that is when it all began. I can still remember reading Kellie's post and I began to cry and became heart broken for her because this was my sister (in Christ) that was hurting and broken inside. The Bible says that when we see our brother and sister in need or hurting that we should be there for them to lift them up. (That is scripture but this was put in my terms) . Maddie has really made a huge impact on my life. Seeing James and Kellie's love for Maddie just makes my heart swell. She was their life. Through Kellie and Maddie, I have learned to cherish every single moment that I have with my children because I am not promised tomorrow with them. Yes, I love my boys but there are times I just want a break. Maddox, my 6 month old, cries all the time because he wants to be held. I know some is from his Acid Reflux and the Colic that he had but most of it is just him being spoiled. I was in the process of just letting him cry to try to break him from it but Maddie, opened my eyes and showed me that is was okay to spoil him and to be thankful that I can still hold him. Also, Landon, my 2 yr old, is finally going through terrible 2's and its been horrible and I used to just yell at him all the time but now I just pick him up and tell him I love him just because and I do the same with Maddox. Anyway I could never thank Maddie enough for helping me. I know one thing, as soon as I get to Heaven, I will hunt her down and give her the biggest HUG for opening my eyes and making me become a better mommy. I can just see all of our (those of us who have an Angel in Heaven) kids up there playing together and saying look at them crying. Why are they so sad because we are in a better place. Wish you guys were here with us. Heaven is so Beautiful!!! Well back to the memory page, Kellie asked us to post pictures of our kids playing outside today. So in honor of Maddie, I have a few pictures to post. Thank you Maddie!!! You will never know how much you mean to me!!! I also want to thank Kellie for sharing Maddie's life with me so that I could see the love that she had also and so that I could have an eye opener.

We are forever Grateful for you Maddie!!! You will always hold a place in our hearts!!! Thanks for giving us beautiful weather so we could get out and enjoy the day in your honor!!!



Beautiful post and BEAUTIFUL boys!

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