Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another Beautiful Day!!!

I woke up this morning and thanked God for blessing me with another beautiful day with my husband, children, and family. We got up, got dressed and went to church this morning. God is so great, and he is always on time. He showed up on the scene today and blessed so many. Without him, we would be nothing. I am still praying daily for my friends who are hurting. I am trusting God and I know that he will give each of them peace.
    My boys are growing up so fast. Landon amazes me each day with something else that he has learned. He started telling me the story of the three little pigs. Where he learned that from, I will never know. Maddox is getting bigger each and every day. Its like if I blink my eyes, I have missed out on so much. Sometimes I wish that we could slow time down but we can't. I love my babies so much and I am so thankful for them. I am looking forward to many more years of learning from them. They make me the person I am today and with help from God, I hope that I become an even better mommy and not just an ordinary mommy but a Christian mommy that teaches her children about Jesus, that my kids can look and me and see that I am a Christian. Please pray that I become the Best Christian Mommy ever and that I teach my kids right from wrong.

This is a picture of my family. Cousins that love each other so much!!!! Konnor, Maddox, Allison Jewel, and Landon


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Landon and Maddox