Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One of the Scariest days of my life

About a year ago, my little boy Landon had a fever and it spiked . It was over 103.I can remember I was at the stove cooking supper and my husband said you are going to have to do something with him because he won't stop crying so I pick him up and he was burning up and I told him no wonder he is crying he is burning up with fever. That is when I checked it and it was over 103. I gave him some Motrin and my husband took him back and was rocking him in the chair and started hollering at me to get in there because something was wrong with Landon. WHen I got in there and saw him I told him he was having a seizure. (1st and only one he has had and I pray it stays that way) He started having a febrile seizure and on the way to the hospital he stopped breathing on us. I can remember my husband on the phone with On-star trying to get an ambulance to meet us but they couldn't get in touch with one. I can remember looking at him and he was turning blue and I can remember screaming, God please dont take my baby. I began to pray and cry out to God and then started to do CPR and as soon as I started praying, it was like his breath just came back into him. I am so thankful for the mighty God we serve and thankful that he hears our prayers. WHen we got to the hospital, he acted like nothing had ever happened to him other than he was crying from being scared and he was shaking from the fever. Now I am so scared that even if he has a fever that is just 99 I go ahead and give him Motrin to bring it down. I pray that I never have to relive that day again. And with me being a concerned mommy, I wanted to get another opinion because I didn't want this to happed again so we went to Mobile to Women's and Children and they told me the same thing and said that it may happen again and then again it may never happen again. It is something that can't be explained. Now look back on it, I think about how crazy and out of it I was. I left food on the stove cooking, I didn't have on any socks or shoes, and I had on a dress shirt with pj bottoms. I just left my shirt that I had on from work that day and started cooking. Derick didnt have anything but socks, I dont even think we had an ID on us. And when we got to the hospital, I tried calling my family to go turn my stove off so my house didn't burn down and to bring me shoes so I wouldnt catch anything from the Hospital and do you think anyone answered or was home? NOPE!!!! Thank God my neighbor was home and she went to my house to get mine and Derick's shoes and to turn off my stove. The amazing thing is that I know God was watching over us because I was frying eggs for supper and you know that they burn really fast but the eggs were not even cooked all the way. It was the most amazing thing ever because my burner was on high and my eggs looked like I had just put them on the stove. Now if that's not God love, then what is?


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