Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Day Closer

Doesn't it excite you to know that we are that much closer to seeing our sweet Angels again. I will be so happy to know that my family will be complete then. My husband and I will have all of our babies with us and our grandparents who meant so much to us will get to meet our 2 boys that I here on Earth with us. I can't wait to see Jesus and see him holding all the little children. The Bible says that He loves the little children and that makes me feel comfort to know that he is taking care of my baby until I can get their. I want to try to do my very best to let my friends know that all they have to do is stay in the race until the very end and make Heaven our home so we can see our babies again. Just remember, God needed them more, because he had to have more precious Angels to fill Heaven. I bet if they could see us now that they would tell us wish you were here, its such a beautiful place. Another that excited me when I was reading my book was knowing that my grandparents will know by baby and know that he/she is their grandchild. I guess since my great-grandmother helped raise me while my mom and dad work, that she is getting her chance with my baby. She still has a part of me with her. Praying for all of you mommies who have lost your Angels. Just remember, keep Jesus first and don't give up because we are so close to getting to go Home to be our babies!!!


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