Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will Not Be Defeated

Today has been a stressful day. After getting up and down all night with Maddox because he has been running fever (I think from teething) and doesn't feel good, and on top of that Landon my 2 year old getting up twice (which is very unusual)in the middle of the night, I am really tired. I am the type of person that if I get 4 hours of sleep (straight and not interrupted) I am okay but if I get 4 hours of sleep (on and off like last night) I can't ever get going. Landon has a cold and has been running a low grade temperature for two days and now Maddox started last night and has had fever off and on all day. It seems like when the Tylenol and Motrin wear off then it comes back. So needless to say he is very whinny and wants to be held. I haven't been able to do anything but sit and hold him. This is hard because I have the two year old getting into things so I am constantly having to get on to him. I feel like all I am doing is yelling at him. Everytime I turn around he is yelling mommy  I want chocowant mik (chocolate milk), I'm hunnery (hungry) I stuck, I want juice, etc. or I hear Maddox crying because I had to put him down to help Landon. Landon is at the age now where he thinks if he says I sowry (I'm sorry), he can get out of trouble so that means he is trying to test us more lol. Anyway as my title says I will not be defeated. I know that its just the devil trying to keep me from going to church tonight and trying to get me down since I am trying to be there for others and encourage them. I have many friends on here and facebook that are going through some hard times right now and I have been trying to give them words of encouragement, praying for them, and reading my Bible to try to find scriptures that can help them as they are going through their trials. The devil sees that God is using my friends to get me back in my prayer closet and back in my Bible and he can't stand it. He gets mad if you just give one person a word of encouragement. Also he is mad because our Young Adults' Sunday School class is starting to go out and visit one night a week. Over the past 2-3 years I have had several preachers (some that know me and some that don't) tell me that God has a calling on my life and that I am running from it. Well I have started praying and seeking God to see what He wants me to do. I want to be a willing vessel for him and if that means letting others see Chirst shinning through me by being a good friend, doing youth rallies, planning events, what ever it may be, I am going to do it. The devil can try anything he wants but I refuse to be defeated. I have Christ on my side so VICTORY is mine. I love going around the house singing these songs when the devil is thinking, I have her where I want her. Let me just put one more obstacle in her way and surely she will fall. But then when I sing those songs to remind myself and the devil that I will not be defeated and that victory is mine, He has to flee. I am so glad that Satan can't cross the bloodline. Below youcan listen to the songs so you can sing them to if you need to be reminded that you will not be defeated.

This is not my favorite version of the song but the words are what matter the most!!! 



Hope your little guys are feeling better soon and you don't catch it!

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