Saturday, March 19, 2011

Angels Are Real

For those of you who have doubt about Angels being real, well I am here to tell you that they are. Grandmother passed away a few years ago. Everyone was so heartbroken because she died unexpectedly. After she passed away, my cousin moved in with Granddaddy and their Aunt because she needed someone with her. She has special needs and she was so upset when Grandmother died that she just needed someone there to help her through it. Well one night my cousins were in the living room watching a movie and they heard the door close so they looked down the hall to see what it was. All they could see was the back of someone who was wearing a night gown and had on slippers. They thought that it may have been their Aunt leaving the bathroom, heading back to bed because she started wearing Grandmother's slippers after she passed away so the went to the bedroom and the Aunt was still asleep. Then they went back to the living room to finish their movie and that was when Granddaddy came out of his room smiling saying that momma had come to see him. He always called Grandmother, momma. They asked what he was talking about and he said that she came in his room and talked to him and that she was really there. After Granddaddy telling them that , they knew who it was walking down the hall then, it was Grandmother, just letting them know that everything will be okay. If this doesn't let you know that Angel are real and that your loved one is your Guardian Angel who is watching over you, then I don't know what will. Also if you get a chance, you need to read the book, Heaven Is For Real. It is a great book and lets you see a little bit of what Heaven is like. I won't tell you anymore about it because I don't want to spoil it for you. So please read it if you get a chance. Its AWESOME!!!! I am so glad that I listened to Kellie and ordered tht book so I could read it. I saw the interview on it a while back but you know how you let things slip your mind and never think about it again until someone else brings it to your attention. I am so touched by the book and it helped me in so many ways. I am that much more excited about going to Heaven now!!! Like the song says...I've Never Been This Homesick Before!!!



I have no doubt angels are real. Whether others believe it or not- I can feel Ellie. I know she is here- not how I want her here but she's near. The other night I swear she came to visit me. It was just instant peace.


What a great post I found your blog from kendras. We lost our son kael at 5 months old. I cant wait for the day to hold him again. Thanks for this post! Much love

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