Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation 2011!!!

 We have been on our family vacation for week. It was so nice to just get away from all the worries and have no care in the world lol. We went to Gulf Shores and the boys had a great time. I wish it would have lasted longer. While we were there, Landon and I wrote names in the sand of some pretty Awesome Angels who have gone to Heaven way too soon. We also went floundering and fishing. We caught a shark :| It was pretty cool to get to see one up close and not worry about him biting me lol. Really missed being able to read all of my BLM's blogs. I felt like I was missing out on so much while we were gone and I couldn't see how you all were doing. I hope you guys have had a great Summer!!! Here are a few pictures from our trip:)

My Sweet Boys!!!


And The Huge Shark LOL!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Landon's First Dentist Appointment (He's Growing Up Too Fast )

Today Landon went for his first dentist appointment. I had an appointment so I made him one too. He amazed me because he acted like a pro lol. Everyone was bragging on how well he did. When we got there. They stopped me in the hall to do my xray on their new high tech xray machine lol. While I was there, the lady came and got Landon and took him to another room. I looked in the room and he had climbed up in the chair like a big boy and was sitting there talking to Megan (the hygienist) and he thought he was something lol. She told me he did better than the older kids do. Anyway I was one proud mommy and had to get a picture because he was so sweet. Oh and believe me he got tons of goodies from Megan and Dr. Jeana. After his appointment, he did get to go to Wal-Mart and get a toy from mommy and daddy for being so good.

Mommy's Big Boy!!! Thanking God For His Blessings On My Family!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Is Our World Coming To?

I am so shocked, well not shocked because its just the Bible being fulfilled. Our world is becoming so sick. It is okay to kill your child and get away with it? I don't think so. I am not judging her, but if she didn't kill Caylee, she know who did and was part of it. Its sad that someone can accidently kill someone in a car accident and get more years in the pin than someone killing their own child on purpose. Or like a friend of mine (who is a police officer) said a man gets sent to the pin for 20 years for looking at porn yet you kill your child and give false statements and get away with it with maybe 1 year. I am so disappointed in our system because they are showing that life doesn't really matter anymore. You can kill and get away with it or you can abort a child and its okay. I would have loved to have had Caylee to raise. If there are parents out there who don't want their kids, I will gladly take them. I have so many friends that want babies so bad and who have lost their little angels and are hurting and then people like this Casey who do away with their children and have no remorse about it. God bless that baby and may she be forever HAPPY in HEAVEN!!! God forgive us for we are failing you.

Landon and Maddox