Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Sad Week!!!

   Well the past two weeks have been horrible for Alabama. It started off with the tornadoes hitting right here in my home town and killing people and then this week, they hit my second home, TUSCALOOSA!!! My husband and I lived in Tuscaloosa while we went to college and then a little while after we got married. Well, its completely destroyed now. Yes, I do thank God for protecting my family that still lives there, but its so sad for others who lost their families, homes, jobs, etc. Its horrible and you can't even tell what the pictures are of now because everything is destroyed and in pieces. Please say a prayer for my second home and I can't leave you without saying ROLL TIDE!!!
    Then tomorrow is Spring For SIDS!!! I am praying for all the moms who have lost their Angels to this horrible disease. (That's what I am calling it, because it is something that takes the life of the precious ones we love) It is a happy day because, we are raising money and awareness for SIDS but sad because its a reminder of all the little Angels that have gone to be with Jesus, leaving their moms and dads broken hearted and with empty arms. Praying for all my BLMs tomorrow!!! I pray that they can find a cure because SIDS is starting to take the life of more babies and is becoming more common each day. We have to find a cure!!!
 I love all of my BLMs and I am praying for you :)


United We Stand!!!

Taken at University Mall!!!

This is an Aerial View of 15th, McFarland, and a few other places!!!

Prayers are being sent up!!!


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