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April 2, 1998 - The Day Heaven Welcomed An Angel; The Day My Heart Broke Into Pieces!

This was written by a dear friend of ours, Sis Sarah. She goes to my church and she too has experienced the pain of losing a child. Her son was killed in a car accident that they were in. She is a preacher's wife, child of God, and a believer in Faith. Hope this story may help some of you. Please say a prayer for this family today. No matter how long its been, when you lose someone you love; the hurt, love, and pain never goes away!!! 
 April 2, 1998 - The day heaven welcomed an angel; the day my heart broke into pieces! By: Sarah B. Odom

No parent ever wants to hear a doctor say, "I am sorry Mr. and Mrs. Odom, there was nothing else we could do."  But those words are all too familiar to me and my husband.  Every April 2, Ray and I have the ever painful reminder that death is no respecter of person, age, family, or any other human factor.  Andrew was the most humble, intelligent nine-year-old I have ever known. (I know I am biased, and I make no apologies for it.) I loved this child with everything a mother has to love.  He was our firstborn.  He loved life: french lop rabbits, hedgehogs, rocks, Hotwheels, and playing with his little brother (Gideon).  Ray and I named him "Andrew" in remembrance of the disciple "Andrew".  (Always bringing people to Jesus.)

You would think "time heals all wounds".  I mean, that's what people tell us, right?  Well, I am here to tell you, while time may make pain easier to bear, it does not help with the moments in life when the pain of loss comes back ever so fresh.  While the support of family and friends gets you through many, many tough days, there are times when no one or no words can help with the pain.  It is something you simply must endure.  Some people may feel that the pain of loving someone so precious is simply too hard.  Having loved and lost, I will have to agree with Alfred Lord Tennyson, "It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all."

So today, 13 years after Ray, Gideon, and I experienced one of the worst days of our lives, and while the reminder of our loss is fresh, we are blessed to have known and loved Andrew Ray Odom.

"Mourn not the cocoon; the butterfly has flown!" - Unknown


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